Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Swim Goggles

Our KOA has a swimming pool that they let the locals swim in for the summer.  A lady in town lifegaurds and they have it open from 10-2 during the week.  The pass is $35.00 for the summer, or $6.00 per person if you don't want to buy a pass.  We decided to buy a pass and make it a point to take the kids twice a week.  We needed something for them to do to be active, and since it's been around 106 degrees outside, it's too hot to send them outside during the day.  The kids were estatic!  When we told them we were going to buy a pass, they acted like we were going back to Lagoon! lol  When we were at the grocery store, I let the kids pick out some new goggles.  They modeled them for me once we got back home. :)

 They wanted Lindey to get in on the action, but she wouldn't keep them on long enough for a picture. 
Can't wait to spend the summer at the pool swimming with you guys! :)

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