Sunday, July 15, 2012

Micah's Birthday

Micah was so excited for his birthday this year.  He changed our countdown blocks every day.  He turned 5 on the eleventh.  When I asked him what he wanted his cake to be he said a dragon cake. I googled dragon cakes, and found one that I thought would be fairly easy to execute. (whew!) I asked him what color and he said, "Pink!"  It was his birthday cake, so I didn't argue. lol Looking at the picture, I'm realizing I forgot to make the wings! Oops.  The cake was melting faster than I could get it decorated, so I'm just happy we had a cake that stayed together long enough for the party. :)
Micah was super excited with his cake, can you tell?  He's so expressive when he gets excited.  I love it! :)

You can see his expressiveness as he's opening presents.  Love that little boy.
Micah didn't need anything this year--definantly not toys, not clothes, not socks, shoes or even underwear.  I decided to make all his presents this year.  I was kind of nervous about how that would go over, but when asked what he wanted for his birthday he didn't have an answer for me.  He was content with whatever, and he loved his gifts!  Win-win!  I made him some capes out of men's t-shirts I got at the thrift store.  They turned out so good, and I didn't have to break out the sewing machine!  I found some templates for super hero logos online, and away I went. He was pretty excited and wore it most of the evening.
I love this picture of these two.  Zander and Micah don't always get along so well.  Maybe it's because they are right next to each other in age (kind of reminds me of Cassy and I growing up! hehe) This is a rare moment.  Zander made Micah a card and gave him $1.00 in it.  I asked him about what it said.  He told me H (happy) B (birthday) M (micah) F (from) Z (zander).  "It's in code, Mom."  Zander was cute and helped Micah read all his cards as he opened them.
I also made Micah a car track out of Levi's.  We happened to have a truck that went perfectly with this.

He saw the levi and said, "Pants, I got pants!"

Upon closer inspection he yelled, "No, I got Road Pants!"

He loved the confetti and money he got from Grandma and Grandpa Millet, and Great Grandma Millett in his cards.

Ms. D gave him an airplane glider, fruit snacks (one of his favorites), and playdough, among other things.
He got a tin of lifesavers. (Which he wasn't excited at all about. lol)
Grandma and Grandpa Hughes gave Micah some Angry Bird pajamas and Swingball.

It was breezy enough outside that we had to go inside to get the candles lit on the cake. 

Make a wish, buddy!

Better get them all! :)
 Hope you had a happy birthday!  We love you Micah!

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  1. Happy Birthday Micah. You're getting sooooo big!! Hope you have a great year...
    From your Great Aunt Patsy!!


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