Wednesday, July 4, 2012

All Stars

Ian was asked to play on the Green River Little League All Stars team.  They had games in the tournament in Helper June 27th (which they lost) and June 28th.  They also lost the second game, which put them out of the tournament.  It was a good experience for our boys.  Our Little League teams consist of 8-12 year olds with the 12 year olds from all 4 teams forming our all star team. The teams they were playing were 12 year old teams who played together the entire season.  We decided to go watch one of Ian's games, so we went on the 28th.  Ms. D came with us, and we packed a picnic dinner.  Melinda took many of these pictures and was kind enough to share them with us. :)  Thanks!

Ian was able to get a hit and made it to first base. Wahoo!  (He got out by leading off, and was very sad about it.)

Ian played in the outfield. He got a little bored at times.  He was told he'd be playing first base, which is his usual position, but that was not the case.  He did catch both pop fly balls that came his way while out there though! 

Micah, Eli and Lindey kept themselves pretty entertained on the bleachers. We forgot Lindey's sandals at home, so she couldn't do much wandering and started getting restless towards the end of the game.
With the Seeley fire burning up Huntington Canyon, we had ash raining on us, and a lovely campfire smell in the air.  The sun was pretty cool looking, and the smoke did provide some "cloud" cover for us. :)

The game went well over 2 hours.  It was time to be done by the time the game ended. :)

Across the field from us there was a hill that we let Morgan and Zander go play on.  Because they were wearing such bright colors, it was easy to spot them.  I'm glad they came back when the other kids on the hill started throwing rocks.
Thanks for going Melinda, and we're proud of you, Ian!  At least you still have one more year in  Little League, and Zander will get to play with you next year!  I'm looking forward to it! :)

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