Wednesday, June 20, 2012


We had to water John's parent's yard while they were camping at Fish Lake the week of the 11th-16th, so we decided to let the kids run through the sprinklers.  They loved it!  Lindey even thought it was great.  I think she was confused at first as to why we weren't telling her to get out of the water. (She is constantly wandering through the sprinklers when we water our yard.) Morgan was a great little helper with her.

Eli was playing with John and tried to scare him by growling at him.  Most of Eli's growls turned into laughs.  He is such a cute kid and his personality is really starting to show.

Zander was having all sorts of fun with his towel.  Head dresses, skirts, and scarves, oh my!

A picture with all the kids (minus Ian who was at scout camp).

I love this picture.  They were having so much fun!
Giving bunny ears to each other.

Nice hair, Lu Lu!  Glad dad had the idea to let you have fun and water Grandma's yard at the same time.  Win-win for everyone! :)

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