Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Little League is under way!

It's official.   Ian's first Little League game was tonight.  They started this year off by announcing all the players and having them line up on the field.
Then they had a few high school girls sing the National Anthem.  This is the first year they've done that.  It was neat.
Let's go Braves!
Ian didn't get a hit tonight.  He was kind of bummed about it.  I think he sikes himself out with his friends pitching to him.  He does fine in practice. He told me after the game that he wants to hit a home run this year.  Guess we need to head to the ball park for FHE and practice! :) Better luck next time buddy! 
Ian played second base this game.  Last couple of years he's been on first, so it was a change for him.  He liked it okay, but not as much as playing first base.  Not as much action going on at second.
The Braves won 7-1.  Wahoo!!  Ian wanted to have ice cream to celebrate, so we took him to the store to pick some out--Mint Chocolate Chip.  Yum!  Good game bud!  Looking forward to watching many more!  Let's get that home run! :)

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