Sunday, April 1, 2012

Talynn's Baptism

Today was a special day for our family.  Morgan's best friend, Talynn, was baptized.  We've been holding the discussions in our home with the missionaries for almost a month.  It's been a great experience for our family.  She asked John to baptize and confirm her.  I was asked to play the piano AND speak.  I was not excited about the latter part, but had many compliments on my talk.  I was nervous, but it came together pretty simply.  Amazing what a little prayer can do for you. :)

These are Talynn's parents, Juan and Stacey.  They are very supportive of their girls. (Talynn has an older sister, Presley).  They are good people.

Elder Smith and Elder Lopez with Talynn.  They were her witnesses.
Talynn's Aunt Diane made a beautiful cake for her.
She even made these fondant flowers.  They were so well done that Stacey thought they were plastic!

Talynn and her Grandma.

We decided that since Talynn was like one of our own children that we would get her a set of scriptures for her very own.  She only had a Book of Mormon that was given to her out of the church library.  When we went on girls weekend I took Talynn to Distribution and had her pick out what color she wanted and a case to put them in.  Her face was priceless. :)  So worth every penny.

I also made Talynn a little framed picture of herself with the I am a Child of God first verse. Morgan wanted to have something to give her as well.

Didn't it turn out so cute!?! :)  Talynn loves the aqua blue color, so when I saw this subway art online, I knew it would be perfect for what I wanted to do.

John and Talynn by the font since we missed this shot earlier. :)

Best friends.
Our family with Talynn.  Her mom jokes we are her adopted family.  We'll take her! :)
Congratulations Talynn!  We are so proud of you!


  1. I know this feeling. No better feeling than bringing the gospel into someone's life. Just like the scripture says, it brings you so much joy.

  2. What a great day for all involved! You and John are such good examples to those around you.


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