Sunday, March 11, 2012

What a Great Weekend!

Our weekend started with Morgan leaving right after school with her Grandma and Grandpa Hughes.  She went to Salt Lake to see Toy Story 3 Disney on Ice with them and Coralie's family. We missed her, but had several great adventures of our own. 
Once John got home from school with the boys, we took a long bike ride.  It was beautiful weather in the 60's.  We couldn't pass up the opportunity to get outside!  Eli fell asleep as he often does when we go on bike rides.  Poor Lindey!  He was using her for his pillow.  She was a good sport, and didn't protest too much.  She must have gotten in a few good hair pulls to make up for all the "love" Eli gives her. :)
 We rode out on the airport road to the freeway overpasses.  I didn't quite make it up the hill--had to get off and walk.  One day I'll do it, one day...Anyways, the boys love to climb up them.
 They even got in some meditation before we were on our way. 
We rode from there around the road to the golf course, across the main road and around the block, then back to our house.  Quite a ride!  That night, Ian asked if I would help him and Micah make a fort. Zander had fallen asleep by this time, and Eli fell asleep around 5pm--before dinner, and slept all night long!   Four kitchen chairs and several sheets later, and we had a fort!  They thought it was so much fun!
 It was quite roomy inside.
 Lindey even got in on the action.  She kept lifting the sheet up around the edges where there wasn't a "door", heading into the fort, and crawling out another opening.  She was so fun to watch.  She thought that was great!
 Silly boys. :)
 Saturday morning we were able to sleep in after staying up way too late! (We're getting too old to do 2am!)  Eli wouldn't let us sleep in very long, which was good since it was another beautiful day outside.  After breakfast, John took a couple of the boys and went to the school to finish up a few things, then I walked over and met him there with the rest of the kids.  We walked to Ace to get a bracket (John wanted to put a solar spotlot on the shed that shines on the swingset so the kids can play at night--turned out pretty cool--Eli loved it!).  Then we had an impromtu barbeque out back.  We played basketball for a little bit, then took the kids on a little hike.  We decided to explore a different canyon out by the beach.  This canyon was much more rocky than other ones we have explored.  We had to do quite a bit of climbing over and up rocks.  I thought this would make a fun picture--Ian's shadow with Zander.  Made me smile anyway.
 This little boy loves to do things by himself.  He loves to climb and get dirty.  Scares the heck out of us too--he's too brave for his own good!
 Micah was loving all the climbing today as well. He made the comment that we ought to build a house out there and become cavemen!  Silly kid. :)
 Zander bug enjoying our hike--Take my picture too, Mom!
 Ian found this rock that had a hole in it to create a handle.  He thought it was pretty cool!
 John and Lindey--we really need to see if we can find a bigger baby carrier for her.  This one is just too small. She doesn't seem to mind.
 John and I were going to get a picture of ourselves, and ended up with this goofy one. :)  Ian even poked his head inbetween ours! LOL  There is a sound effect that goes with this picture, but I'm not sure how to translate it into print. :)
 There, that's better. :)
 Ian took my iPod a few times to get some pictures.  He wanted to get a picture looking down on us--thanks bud!
 Ian and Eli in a little alcove we found.
 Another Ian picture.  A natural target. On the way down from here he slipped and put a gash in my iPod screen protector.  Good thing he didn't crack the glass on it.  I would have been ticked! Don't know why he didn't put it back in his pocket before climbing down.  I guess you live and learn.
Morgan returned home Saturday evening with many treasures and a smile on her face.  Thanks for taking her Grandma and Grandpa!  Sunday evening we had the missionaries over.  Morgan's best friend, Talynn, has decided she wants to be baptized. Morgan has been a great example for her.  (They buy special pop just for her when she spends the night because we don't drink caffine--she lets them know what is expected of her.)  He mother came and talked to us and asked if we could do the discussions at our house.  She and her husband are very supportive of Talynn's decision.  Talynn is such a cute little girl and we joke back and forth that we have adopted a daughter.  She fits right in here!  I think she impressed the missionaries (Elder Smith and Elder Lopez) with how much she knows about the gospel.  She has been coming to church for more than a year, and has also sat through many of the discussions with her grandmother who was recently baptized. We are so excited for Talynn's decision and want to support her any way we can.  Plus, I think the discussions will be good for our family to hear.
It was a wonderful weekend, and I'm sad that we have to return to reality tomorrow.  Thanks for the fun, family!  I love you! :)

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  1. So many fun pictures. The one of Ian and Eli in the alcove makes me laugh with both of the faces they are pulling - especially Eli's mischievous grin. So much fun! Thanks for sharing!


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