Sunday, February 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Morgan!!

Morgan turned 9 on January 27th! (Also, Happy birthday to my dad who Morgan shares her special day with!)  This year she knew exactly what she wanted her cake to be--a Penguin!  I just adapted Ian's Owl cake from his last birthday to be a penguin.  I think it turned out mighty cute!  She loved it.  I am sad to say that I forgot to freeze the cake pieces before I started decorating, so it started leaning.  I noticed it and quickly put it in the fridge to try and prevent any further damage--it didn't work.  When I began dinner I opened the fridge to find that the bottom layer had crumbled under the weight of the cake and the penguin had tipped over backwards. :(  We were sad, but when it came time for cake and ice cream, I tipped it back up, we sang and did candles and it was delicious just the same. :)

John's parents took Morgan to Price and let her choose out a new bike!  This is one happy girl!
Her bike has a cute curvy frame, streamers in the handle bars, fenders and a pouch to put things in--which was one of her favorite parts!
Morgan wanted to try the pizza rolls in my Best Bites cookbook for her birthday dinner.  They were delicious.  Best Bites did not disappoint!  Morgan invited two of her friends over for the festivities--Talynn and Jocelyn.
When we opened presents, the kids had a little assembly line going to get the presents to Morgan.
Morgan got Hello Kitty pajamas, two new barbies...
New levis, a couple of shirts-Hello Kitty and Perry the Platypus...
She also recieved a Paper Jams Microphone, and Grandma and Grandpa Millett got her a set of looms.  She was thrilled with these two gifts!
Morgan has wanted a poncho for a while now, and she recieved a pattern to make one for Christmas.  I made her a turquoise poncho with hot pink as she requested--she did not know I was doing this. The squeal we got when she opened the box said it all! She was all grins!
See, you can't even tell her cake had a trauma--just don't look at the back! Lol
Happy 9th Birthday our sweet girl!  You are such a good helper and remind me of myself when I was your age. :)  We love you so much!!

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