Monday, February 6, 2012

Bye Bye!

This morning Lindey did her first real wave as John and the kids were leaving for school.  Every morning we stand on the porch and wave to them as they drive away.  This morning as they were loading up, Lindey waved at them.  John told her goodbye, waved at her, and she waved back!  She kept doing it if I would wave at her, so I snapped this picture during breakfast with my iPod. She was waving with her left hand, so I'm wondering if she'll be left handed like Ian.  I tried to get her to use her right hand, but she kept doing it with her left.  Time will tell, I guess!
I also captured this video...

Another interesting Lindey development was this evening Lindey found one of her binkis and started sucking on it.  She hasn't used a binki for anything but a teething toy for probally two months!  It was kind of funny to see her with it. :)
 She went through two or three different binkis and sucked on them for a couple of hours.  She even went to bed tonight with one in her mouth!  It will be interesting to see if she continues this, or if it was just for tonight. What a silly girl!

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