Sunday, January 1, 2012

Student Council Pajama Day

The last day of school before Christmas break was a half day, Wednesday, December 21st.  The student council declared it pajama day and set up activities for the entire school to participate in.  I was asked to run one of the stations with my amazing piano skills and do Name That Tune.  I also played a few songs for the school to carol to.  One of the activities they did was wrap your teacher like a snowman.  The kids were given a bag of goodies to use which included a carrot which the teacher held in their mouth, two sticks for arms, a scarf and three rolls of toilet paper.  John's class worked together to make him into a snowman.
The student council worked together to make Miss Durrant (Melinda), the principal, into a snow woman.
I think this activity was the most fu for the younger classes.  They put the teachers on chairs so the kids could reach their heads.  Zander's class was so funny to watch.
John with his class of 6th graders.
Miss Durrant and the student council.
Mrs. Hunt and Zander's first grade class.
Mrs. Nelson and Morgan's 3rd grade class.
The 3rd graders really got into this and a couple of the girls (Morgan included) took out their hairbows to use on their teacher.  They wanted to make sure everyone knew she was a snow woman! LOL

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  1. Thanks for snapping a few photos. (I just might have to "borrow" a couple so that I can post about my life as a snowprincipal... lol)


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