Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Eve

We began our New Year's Eve festivities around 5:00pm.  Melinda came over to join in the fun.  We had a buffet of munchies to snack on--the island was covered.  After everyone had their fill of goodies, we began playing games.  We played Feed the Kitty, Left Right Center, What's in Ned's Head, and Nerts.  We watched Kung Fu Panda 2, hoping that some of the smaller children would fall asleep, a couple of them did, but not the ones we were hoping for. Lol--we lost Zander and Micah.  Eli and Lindey were up for a while longer.
Melinda and I with our party hats on.  Getting ready to bring in the new year!
John and I--awww-so cute! This is actually a pretty good picture of us!
We always let off a Whistling Pete each year. I hate these--they are just loud and obnoxious.  Exactly what you want to bring in the new year with. :)
Another tradition we started doing a few years ago was to take the sleeping kids pictures with a party hat on.  They should get to ring in the new year too!

And Lindey.
Another tradition--toast the new year with sparkling cider!
And that was 2011 my friends!  (And my blog is finally caught up!  It only took me 8 months! Yeah!)
Happy 2012!!!

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  1. New Year's Eve was so much fun! Thanks for inviting me to be part of the festivities!


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