Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Eve

As is tradition, we started our Christmas Eve festivities with everyone making their own pizza in a pie tin for dinner.  Then we finished up our Advent Calendars (we do three every year--Nativity, Christmas Story, and Lego Advent) and then the kids opened up their Christmas jammies.  After everyone had changed, we snapped a few pictures in front of the Christmas tree.

Then, we went and drove around and looked at the lights.

When we got home from doing that, we let the kids open up their sibling presents.  We like doing this because they don't get lost in the fray of Christmas morning and it means a little more to them.
Ian had Eli this year. He got a couple of soft squishy balls and some trucks.
Eli had Ian this year.  When I asked Eli what he wanted to get Ian he said, "A car!"  So we found him a remote control hummer and Eli wanted the blue one.  He also got Ian a lego mini figure--which of all the ones there were that he could have gotten, he ended up with the cave woman (you don't get to see which one is in the package-lol)
Morgan had Micah this year and picked out a Disney Cars Launcher.  It came with Lightning McQueen and Morgan bought him a Mater to go with it.
Micah had Lindey.  He had the hardest time deciding what to get her.  He couldn't find anything he liked in the toy isle, so we went back to the baby section and he easily found a couple of toys he knew she'd love. (And she does!)  The little pig plays music and the little bird vibrates when pulled on.
Lindey had Zander and just knew he'd love a guitar! :)  John had a little hand in helping her decide what to get him.
Zander had Morgan and picked her out a new Littlest Pet Shop Babysitter.  She only had one and he decided that she needed a friend.  Morgan loved it.
The rest of the evening was spent playing with their new toys, writing a note to Santa, putting out cookies, picking a spot for their stockings, and tracking Santa on Norad.  When he got to a nearby state, it was time for bed!

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  1. You caught some great moments! What a fun night! Thanks for sharing it. :-)


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