Friday, December 2, 2011


We were heading to Provo on September 24th for a friend's birthday party (Mr. Z's Christmas in September) and I told John that we ought to do something fun with the kids since we didn't need to be in Provo until about 6:00pm.  We might as well make a day of it, right?  We talked about it and decided to take the kids miniature golfing at Trafalga.  After looking online at their rates, we decided it would be fun if the kids were able to do more than one thing.  With the arcade and such there, we knew they would want to do more.  We paid for a family pass that got each of us a slice of pizza, a soda, three activities, arcade tokens, and dip'n dots ice cream.

Since it was about lunch time when we arrived, we started our adventure with our pizza and drinks.

Then it was off to miniaturre golf.  The kids chose the windmill course.  It was fun to watch them play.  We had to remind Ian that he wasn't on the Green River Golf Course with Grandpa Hughes.  Some of his swings were pretty amazing! :)

Micah was so excited every time he hit the ball.  He was our only child to make a hole in one!

After golfing we were all pretty warm, so we decided to cool off with dip'n dots.  The kids were so excited to get them.  They want them every Melon Days and we always tell them they are too expensive.  Glad they finally got their wish. 

The kids then went on an animated roller coaster ride.  Lindey wasn't big enough to sit on her own seat, so I sat it out with her. :)  All the kids thought it was pretty cool.
Ian wanted to use his last activity and ride the go-carts.  Because I didn't go on the virtual roller coaster, I had an extra activity to use up, so I decided to race with him. 
We had a lot of fun racing around the track.  I passed Ian, but because of a slowpoke scaredy-cat girl that I got stuck behind, Ian passed me back up.  He thought that was pretty cool.  It was fun!
The rest of the activities were used up getting extra arcade tokens.  The kids loved getting tickets and picking prizes from the counter.  Everyone got two or three items, so all were happy!
Ms. Durrant met up with us as we were finishing, and we headed to Mr. Z's Christmas/Birthday party. (Which was also a lot of fun for us adults.)  A little something for everyone this day! :)
Because my camera battery died before leaving Trafalga, we only got this one picture of Zander with John's I-Pod at Mr. Z's Christmas in September Party.  Pretty fitting for a pretty perfect day. Makes me excited for Christmas!

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  1. I really want to take my kids there too, or Boondocks - same kind of place. How FUN! Glad you guys went.


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