Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thrift Store Marathon

My friend Heather has such great and fun ideas.  She is my friend who I am in charge of Bountiful Baskets with.  Anyways, she had the idea to do a Thrift Store Marathon. The idea was to drive up North, and hit as many thrift stores/yard sales as we could on the way home.  She called and asked if I was interested.  Ummm....yes!!  Heather decided we needed matching T-shirts, so we got together one day and made them up.  They had a purse, shopping cart, and flip flops with "Thrift Store Marathon 2011".   We were all pretty excited.  We planned to go on Saturday, October 15th.  We left bright and early--6:00am.  After picking everyone up, we drove to Orem.  We had a great time visiting in the car, and arrived just before Savers was going to open.  Heather told us of our game plan.  She had an itinerary all planned out, and told us we only had a half hour in the store.  While we were waiting for Savers to open, we took a few snapshots.

Me, Heather, Taffee, and Jenni

This is such a cool idea!  They took coffee/end tables, cut them in half and then stacked them up (and I'm sure hooked them to the wall) to make an interesting shelf system.  This was one whole wall in the store.  I love this idea!
In one of the Thrift/Consignment stores we went to I found these hairbows made out of Soda Cans!  So cool, and the edges aren't even sharp like you'd think they'd be.  I totally want to try making these sometime. And yes, the red Coca-Cola flower came home with me.  Morgan loves it!
We had several people asking what our shirts were all about.  It was fun to tell them what we were up to!  We counted on the way home, and I think the total was 15 Thrift/Consignment/Outlet stores and Yard Sales and that doesn't count lunch at Panda Express, or that we made it to Target and Wal-Mart before coming home.  A very productive day!
I should have taken a picture of all my treasures.  I found some things to repurpose, some things to organize with, some much needed clothes for the girls, and even a sweater for myself.  We had a lot of fun, and I can't wait to go again!

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