Monday, December 5, 2011

Out on the Range

The Gun Range, that is! :)
This was a fun family home evening we did with John's parents on September 26th.  John and his dad had never shot their handguns they bought after taking their concealed weapons permits class.  It's been a long while (over a year ago), so John's parents called us up and away we went.  The kids brought a few pop cans along for targets and helped grandma get everything stood up and ready.
We made all the kids stay in the truck while the shooting was going on.  Kids can be unpredictable, and we wanted to make sure we knew where they were. :)

John let all the kids and myself take a turn shooting his handgun.  It was fun, and nothing I've ever shot before.  I think I've only gone shooting one other time in my life, and that was a couple of years ago at my family reunion.
Grandma getting her Lindey fix. :) 

Morgan made good use of her time and made little vases out of the old shot gun shells.  What a creative little girl she is.

The kids were enamored with this bug (some a little freaked out). 
Now there's a Micah face for you. :)
Bright-eyed baby girl.
John's dad also brought his shotgun along and he let a couple of the kids try it out as well.

I love being spontaneous and spending time with these little cuties!

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