Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ninja Turkey

Zander had to disguise his turkey and write a story so it wouldn't be eaten for Thanksgiving dinner.  We turned his into a Ninja!
Here is the story he came up with to go with it:
Once upon a time Tom Turkey was strutting around the wood. All of a sudden he heard a gunshot whiz past his head.  He looked back and saw two hunters.  They shot again.  Then there were 2 more hunters.  He was surrounded!  He jumped up into a tree and quickly changed into his ninja suit. (Good thing he was close to his clubhouse!)  He jumped back down, did some ninja moves with his swords and the hunters screamed, "Aaahh! A ninja! Where'd that turkey go?" The hunters turned and ran away.  Tom thought, "Well, that's the last time they hunt me!"

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