Friday, December 30, 2011

Little Drummer Kids

I was in charge of preschool one of the weeks in December.  I picked the letter "D" to work on with our kids.  The first day we did "deer" and made cute little reindeer with their hand and footprints.  I also knew what I wanted to do for the second day of the week and asked the kids what their favorite color was.  The next day we did drums.  I had their drums ready to go.  We decorated their names which I had written on their favorite color of paper, and which later became their cover for their drums.  We watched the little drummer boy movie, and then made their drums.  I already had their drumsticks made--I painted dowels and put rubber stoppers on the ends of them.  Once the drums were made, we listened to the little drummer boy song and played our drums to the rum-pa-pum pums.  We also played them to the alphabet song, days of the week song (to the tune of the Adams Family), we counted as we played them, and the list goes on.  The kids absolutely loved it!  We didn't have time for playtime, and  almost ran out of time to color our picture and have a snack! Lol 

We have five kids in preschool, six, when it's my week and Eli joins in, and they all loved this!  I hope I didn't drive all the parents too crazy when they brought their drums home.  I guess they can take comfort in the fact that I had two drums at my house! :)

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