Friday, December 9, 2011

Last of the warm weather BBQ

We decided we wanted to have one more barbeque before the weather got too cold to do anything.  We then decided to make an event of it and watch a movie in our backyard one last time.  We invited 6 households to our little shindig.  While John and Mr. Z were getting tables set up in the backyard, Micah came running inside and said, "Mom!  I need your shoe.  Mr. Z is doing a magic trick for me!"  He took my shoe and ran out the back door.  I went out with the camera to see what was happening.  Mr. Z would have Micah hold his hands out in front of him and then Jason would tap Micah's hands with my shoe and count to three.  On three, he would throw my shoe to John, who would hide it.  Micah would laugh and laugh.  Then they'd make it reappear. John would give it back to Jason and he would pull it out of Micah's ear.  Micah was laughing so hard, it was funny. He thought that was awesome!
We told everyone to bring their lawn chairs with them, their own meat and a salad to share.  

The kids had a lot of fun playing on the swing set and with our tetherball pole we put in this spring.
With the Simmons, the Parsons, the Robertsons, the Pettits, Mr. Z, Melinda, and our family, I think there were 29 people that came.  We had a lot of fun visiting, and once it was dark, we watched the fourth Shrek movie on the back of the house.  We did this several times this summer, and want to make it a fun tradition with our friends.  Thanks for coming everyone!


  1. That was really fun. I WISH it was warm again so we could do it again! It's just TOO cold for me!

  2. It was such a fun evening. The Hughes Family Eatery and Outdoor Cinema is THE place to be! :-)


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