Friday, December 9, 2011


Ian couldn't decide what to be for Halloween this year.  Nothing in our costume box fit him.  We decided to look online for an easy costume we could put together. We found this "I love my Mummy" costume and Ian decided it was the one.  It took us a couple of hours to put together on Sunday night.  Luckily we had enough materials around our house to make it work.  He was happy.  It was worth it. :)
Morgan's costume was a Secretary.  It was so easy to pull together.  She had the skirt and white shirt.  I grabbed a blazer out of the boy's closet, and the glasses out of the costume box. We added a clipboard, notebook and pen and she was set.  I was going to put a pencil in her hair, but forgot.  It turned out cute anyhow.
Zander was the good ninja.  It's not everyday you see a white ninja.  We went to the Carnival put on by the fire department.  He won the costume parade for his age group, and they thought he was a mummy. They announced, "The Mummy wins!"  "Thanks, but I'm a ninja" was his reply as he was handed his prize. :)
Micah was The Hulk.  The mask fit his little personality so well.  I was kind of sad that he didn't wear it most of the night.  He was just excited to have so many muscles and be strong!
Eli was our little Bumble Bee this year.  Always love this costume. :)
Lindey was a cute little skeleton.  Easy costume.  We didn't need to buy it.  We have plenty of infant costumes in the tub.  But we did. And she was cute.
Our little herd all together.  Ian, Morgan and Zander went trick-or-treating with their friends, so I was left taking the little 3 trick-or-treating.  Melinda came with me to help get them in and out of the car quicker.  It was fun.  Once everyone was all back together, we had pizza and watched White Christmas. (It's a tradition.) Happy Halloween!

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