Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Witch Boot

I saw this cute idea for a witch boot made out of a high heel shoe pattern on Good Things Utah and had to try it.  My sister, Cassy, was able to locate a pattern for me from the lady that was on the show.
I cut out two of the pattern so that the inside of my shoe had a design. Remember to turn one of them over so you can glue wrong sides together. This is not necessary if you want just a solid black shoe. 
I used some spray adhesive to glue my two pieces together, then scored all the lines and folded them.
Glue the shoe together.
My sister made these up and used a roll of lifesavers to look like the witch's leg.  In order for it to stand up, you need to cut out a 1 in. sqare piece in the heel of the shoe. leaving the tabs in place.   Add a buckle and some ribbon to the toe of the shoe.
Cover your lifesavers with a piece of striped pattern paper and insert into the heel of your shoe.

Fill with candy for a cute party favor or gift!

If you want the pattern, Heather uploaded it on her blog.  Click on the link to get it.

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