Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Chore Charts

I've been wanting a new system for the kids to help them remember to do their chores without being asked a hundred and one times. Plus, I had this empty weird little wall in our kitchen that I've been wanting to do something with for a while now.  I saw an idea for using the small clipboards (Half the size of a regular 81/2x11 one) for chore charts on another blog somewhere, and had been looking for clipboards ever since with no luck.  When my mom showed me how to make mini clipboards at our family reunion this summer, I had a brilliant idea!  I made these little clipboards for each of the kids (I let them pick the paper/color they wanted), then put a transparancy over the top.  Once I printed out their chores on the computer, I slipped it under the transparancy.  Each day the kids mark off their chores with white board markers and I can just wipe them clean the next morning, ready to do all over again.  It has worked quite well so far.  Even Micah and Eli enjoy marking their charts by themselves.  I realize that I need to be better about follow through, and I'm also realizing other things that need to be added to their lists.  Next time I print them I am going to leave a blank line or two so I can add chores as the day needs (Ian doesn't need to take out the trash every day, but it is one of his chores). Anyways, I thought it was great that because our walls have the rounded corners, the magnet on the white board markers sticks to the corner of the wall.  That worked out rather well! lol
I love these new little additions in the kitchen, and my weird wall now has a purpose! :)

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