Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lindey's Baby Blessing

We blessed Lindey on Sunday, June 26th, at 2:00pm at our home.  No, it was not fast Sunday, but my parents had taken our 3 older children to a family reunion and would be bringing them back to us this weekend.  So, to save them another trip, we decided to bless her then.  We also didn't know when I would be feeling well enough to attend church, so we just decided to get it done and bless her in our home.  She looked so pretty in her white dress. Must have been meant to be that I found this dress back in March and decided to get it without having John there.  We usually shop for things like this together.
Grandma Millett bought Lindey these little white booties for her special day.  Being two months old, she almost didn't fit in them!
My mom brought Lindey one of her little braclets and my friend Danielle made the other one.  They really helped dress her up!  :)  The white crocheted blanket is from my sweet friend Jenni's mom.  Jenni told me that her Mom didn't know if anyone had made one for the baby to be blessed in yet, and so she did.  (Tell her thank you again Jenni!) That was very thoughtful. :)  I miss my Grandma Willard for that reason. (Lindey is named after her.) She always made my babies a new crocheted blanket to be blessed in.  (She also made the best recieving blankets and matching burp cloths!) Haven't had one for the last two kids.  Makes me miss her--lots.
We kept it small and just invited a few close friends and family.  We wish we could have invited everyone, but where it was in our home, space was limited.  Those who stood in the circle: (Back L to R) Nolan Johnson (John's principal before they moved him to just the high school), John, Keith Brady, Grandpa Millett, Grandpa Hughes (Front L to R) Brent Johnson (Nolan's son and our sort-of adopted son :)  We grew attached to him when John was helping to direct one of the high school plays--he has since served a mission and visits us whenever he comes home), Greg Parsons (Teaches 5th Grade with John--his wife and I started Bountiful Baskets here--I also enjoy crafting with her and have had tutorials posted on her blog), Kim McFarlane (Our Medical Clinic's PA--I'm good friends with his wife), and Uncle Reed (Cassy's husband). Their families came to support us also.
Others that came were John's brother Thomas and his family, and Melinda Durrant. We sure appreciated your support on Lindey's special day! 
Daddy and his pretty girl.  Some of the things John blessed her with were that she would find a worthy young man and marry in the temple, be a peacemaker, be an example to the family, and to have good health.
My sister Cassy and I.  We had to take this picture--our babies were born just 10 days apart! The first two babies of the five that are coming this year. (All five of us sisters were pregnant together.) Something tells me these two are going to be great little friends! :)
Congratulations little Lindey!  We sure do love you!


  1. It was beautiful! Thanks for inviting me to be a part of Lindey's special day! :)

  2. So sweet. Beautiful dress, bracelets and yes I'll let my mom know. She'll be so happy you were able to use it. :)


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