Monday, March 14, 2011

Hello Kitty!

Morgan has been asking about getting her ears pierced since before her 8th birthday.  We told her she could get them pierced for her birthday the next time we were somewhere that could do it.  This past Friday we went to Grand Junction and had to go to the mall to get my wedding ring inspected for the warranty.  We stopped in at Claire's and had Morgan's ears pierced.  She picked the Hello Kitty earrings.  She was pretty nervous about it. (Even before we went, she would change her mind back and forth about whether or not to get it done. lol)  She was worried about how much it would hurt, etc.  We had them pierce both her ears at the same time since she was nervous.  The lady doing her left ear had a harder time getting the earring through, so Morgan said, "Ouch!!"  I think the gun jammed or something, but it did get done.  She really likes how they look and is glad she went through with it. :)  We let her pick out some other earrings she can wear after her 8 weeks is over of wearing Hello Kitty.  She asked when 8 weeks would be and we told her, after the baby comes and just before school is out.  She said, "That long??!!"  Yep, that long. :)  We want them to heal right!  Glad you like your new jewelry sis!  You sure look cute. :)

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  1. We love Hello Kitty over here too! They are so cute. Glad she went through with it, what a brave girl.


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