Sunday, March 13, 2011

Evening Drives

We've been going on a lot of evening drives lately, mostly with John's parents.  They have spotted a flock of wild turkeys and a bunch of different gaggles of Canadian geese, and several deer herds.  We've gone with them to see if they were out and about on several occasions now.  The kids love it, especially Eli. :)  He crawls across anyone's lap to get to a window so he can have a better view.  Last Monday, John decided to take our camera with us.  Here are the kids as we are getting started on our adventure.
Oh Micah, what more needs to be said. :)
We saw some geese in a corn field.  This picture doesn't show it very well, but it is so funny to see all their heads sticking up above the cut off corn stalks.  Usually that's all we can see.
We usually see several gaggles in various fields.  As these guys took flight, Ian asked if they were forming a "V".  Zander piped up and said, "No, they are forming a rocket!" I don't think he knows that geese always fly in a certain formation. LOL
We also saw a couple of herds of deer.  These ones jumped the fence and went right across the road in front of us.  The kids thought that was pretty cool.

We didn't see any turkeys this trip, maybe next time.  We sure are enjoying our evening drives!

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