Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Ian has had to make his own Valentine box since 2nd grade.  This year was no exception.  He always gets so creative! (In year's past we've made a guitar, a Nintendo DS, and a disco ball.)  This year Ian saw potential in a Golfish crackers box we had on the counter.  So, we turned it into a Strawberry Milk Carton.  The strawberries are recycled from Brylee's birthday straws (We've had a few fall off the straws and were just sitting in the window sill waiting for their next moment of glory.)
I happened to have  book with a "Missing Child" milk carton on the cover, so we made Ian into a "Missing Valentine." LOL  I think it is my favorite part of his box!
We found a strawberry milk Nutrition label online and printed it out to be the size we needed.
As you probally guessed, I did most of the work on this one--once you get those creative juices going, I kind of get carried away.  Ian did help--you can see what he did with the Electrical tape in the time I was mostly working on his box...
Morgan also had to make her own box this year as well. (Yes, she too came down with our mysterious rash as you can see in the picture.)  She did most of it herself.  I think she's going to follow in my creative footsteps.

Grandma Hughes brought the kids over a Valentine treat.  The kids were very excited!  They each got their own cup with some goodies and a light up frog.  They were a hit!
This is what we do every year for the kids.  They each have a mailbox and it gets filled with things from Mom and Dad. (John has one too.)
The kids with their "Mailboxes from Santa". LOL  Zander spied them first on top of the entertainment center after school and said, "Look!  Santa brought us stuff!"  We laughed and told him it was probally Cupid who brought it.  Santa only works Christmas. :)
This year each of the kids got a Hot Wheels car with a "We Wheelie love you!!" note. 
And some gummy worms and gummy hearts with the note "You've wormed your way right into our hearts!"
We love our little valentines! 

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